Wikis as a Support Channel


Wikis have been in the public eye for quote sometime. Whether they are micro wikis for various subjects such as those found at Wikia.com or they are the mother of all wikis, Wikipedia, wikis can give quite a lot of information in a cross-reference-able format.

The ability in fact for cross-reference using key terms is quite probably a wiki’s best feature. Couple this by using categorization, multiple editors (or even open public editing), requests for future articles and a lot more, wikis are a very versatile medium.

Some companies such as Superb Internet, have their wikis server their shared and dedicated hosting solutions.

Superb sites their reasons for switching their old knowledge base to the wiki format and these same rules hold true for any company, not just Web Hosts:

  • Easy to Update
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Advanced Cross-Referenced
  • Allows User Participation
  • Allows Users to Request Articles
  • Better Organized than Most FAQs and Knowledge Bases

Two other areas that are good about wikis is the discussion and history sections. An editor or user can see the history of edits on the article and these can be used for editing or personal reference. The other discussion portion can create opportunities for discussions on various topics.

Wikis are a good means for presenting information and can get your customers involved. As a support channel, wikis give an amount of depth not normally seen in the average knowledge base.

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