WebHostingTalk: Down but not Out


According to a representative, a deliberate attack hit the WebHostingTalk database, destroying online backups, and then deleting three databases: user/post/thread.

WHT has been looking into how they could shore up their defenses. WHT has been looking into restoring the database via a onsite physical backup. Unfortunately, they have been experience technical difficulties restoring the five month old physical backup.

There is one thing everyone can learn about this, well actually several.

First off I think WHT handled this quite well. They investigated the breach, closed off the attacks, checked to see if credit card data was stolen, tried to back up the data, and alerted users. They handled this very well and I think iNET should take a bow for the maturity shown in this matter.

The other thing that other people can learn is the power of physical backups. Even with the cloud and multiple online backups, if the data has a connection to it, it can be compromised.

With a physical backup, you can backup the data then store it in a secure area. Yes, physical backups are a chore at times to make, the media can break down, etc. But online backups can also suffer these problems and can suffer other problems as well.

From my own experience, backing up the data and storing it onsite has saved me countless times and gives me peace of mind.

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