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As recently as five years ago, the cost to develop a new small business oriented Website represented a significant barrier for small business owners. Costs were and remain a function of human resource time and the specialized skills of the Web developer/marketing professional. Site development was always a time consuming highly customized process, requiring advanced HTML skills of a Web developer, branding and marketing communications expertise of a marketing professional and visual arts expertise of a graphic artist. These highly specialized and expensive Web developer/marketing professionals and firms required time to create truly compelling site architectures with striking and innovative product and service representations.

Fast forward a few years and the Web Service Provider market sought to further penetrate the small and medium-sized (SMB) business segment. The market responded with the introduction of low cost Website templates. Priced between $40 and $60 a download, Web developers could now access a complete Website design, ready for customization to suit specific client business needs. At their introduction, Website templates were initially shunned by established Web developers as low quality solutions that could not compete with their high quality, custom creations. Regardless, the paradigm shift was underway and Web templates became a staple in the industry as an effective aid in the Web development process and a cost reduction tool benefiting both Web developers and small business owners.

Web developers who integrated Web templates into their service offering became more competitive. They prospered in the growing market as more SMBs adopted Websites due to cost reductions, enabled by the new Website template economics. Savvy, business minded Web developers began to recognize the benefits including: 1. The ability to present a variety of layout designs to understand client likes and dislikes; 2. Development time saving benefits since laborious layout work is already completed; 3. Tap in to the latest trends in innovative designs which as an individual are difficult to maintain; and 4. Become more market competitive. It is no surprise that Website templates have succeeded in penetrating the Web developer community as a core SMB offering in their Web Services Provider toolkit.

Fast forward to 2007 and the market continues to evolve. Web template providers recognize the value of establishing long-term relationships with successful Web developers who purchase their Web template products. As a result, template providers are rolling out Club Membership service offerings. These services reduce the cost of site development even more. Club Membership services are sold as annual subscriptions where Web developers gain access to download dozens of templates within a membership period, typically a year. Template Club Membership services are having the effect of bringing the cost of Web templates to near zero, depending upon the usage. It is a new world where Club Membership services are a ?no brainer? for Web developers using templates.

TemplateRover ( a division of Inc.(TSX: H) is one provider who recently launched a Club Membership proposition, offering access to thousands of templates for only $99/year. Template Rover is particularly interesting because they focus and mandate their Web developers to build the highest quality templates available on the market. It seems to be working. Judge for yourself and compare Template Rover Web templates to other providers to see the quality differences.

The combination of premium quality templates and the new Club Membership puts Template Rover in front of the pack. Colin Campbell, CEO of Inc., ?Our strategy at is to focus on creating thousands of agency class Website templates. We focus on this one thing and we do it very well.? This strategy sets Template Rover apart from other providers who find it difficult to compete on quality and choose to offer ancillary objects which frankly are of little value to Web developers. Campbell continues; ?By combining our standard for the highest quality Website templates with the Club Membership proposition, we expect to create strong brand loyalty and growth as serious business minded Web developers realize the value of high-quality combined with the Club Membership cost savings.?

All of this is good news for the small business owner seeking to reduce the cost of Website design. For Web developers it will be incumbent upon them to source the best available template service on the market in order to remain competitive and profitable.


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