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Amazingly enough cingular wireless upcoming cell service will allow for video on a cell. With a partnership with Apple they hope to corner the market by being the only video cell phone on the market. From this Article. While this is an incredible idea, and Apply had this whole thing in the works for over 2 years keeping it a secret.

This is what caught my attention… The price tag of 600 dollars and a 2 year contract with Cingular, which is going to change their name to AT&T prior to the release date. So you have to drop your current provider, fork over 600 dollars for a machine that you probably already have in other devices, and gain a phone without wirless syncing capability (syncs via USB.), and the ability to have video phone on a cell, how many people even care about this? I don’t have a video phone, and most of the people I would call don’t have one either.

On top of this Apple will also be facing yet another law suit from Oracle because of the Name. All I can basically say is, just plain sad. You spend all this time making something secret then blow it on simple stuff. Maybe, research a technology worth improving upon and work with another company that, I don’t know, maybe KNOWN for their customer service. I forsee this is be an utter disaster. Personally I am going to just stick to the BlackBerry line, at least all the features are useful.

I think of Apple as a cult, basically the ones that will buy this product even though there are better items on the market, will be fanatics.

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