The Number 1 Problem with Your Online Content


The titles suck.

That actually makes me feel much better. Thank you. Now, off you go!

Oooo I see you want an explanation. Well, why not. I think by now we know that there is simply way too much information on the Internet. Type in any topic into Google or Bing and you are bound to get thousands of possible sources. In many cases millions.

People don’t have time to read through all of these. So they have to skim, a skill invented the day the first newspaper was printed. What is the deciding factor between all of these items and which one ends up being read? The title.

Would you read an article titled:

Housewife Cooks Fish for Family Dinner


Knife Wielding Female Carves Ichthyoid Victim Up for Supper, Grisly Display is Nightly Ritual

Titles are big things. Treat them accordingly.

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