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Off Topic: On Writing

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By trade I am a journalist and writer. In mind, I am a voracious reader and marketer. One thing I like doing, is reading articles where people wonder how something can possibly make money. I like solving puzzles and marketing and human behavior in general, holds the puzzles I find the most interesting.

So with that lengthy and fairly unnecessary introduction, I want to talk about writing. I love writing, especially writing with pad and pen, the sounds of the scratching of the ball point as it catches on the paper, the sound of a finished page and turning a new one.Its not that I hate typing on a keyboard, but I do get tired of it. Which has lead to a series of misadventures.

Last year at HostingCon, the media room was opened to the exhibit hall, which was nice, but the main problem was noise. The noise level was so loud that all of my voice recorder files were unintelligible to the transcribers.It didn’t help that the man sitting next time me on the plane spilled his drink on my notes either. I had a notebook full of soggy pages and about 16 hours of interviews that no one could decipher. So if you add all of that to me looking into opportunities for easing my writing burden you can come to one conclusion: Papa needs a new recorder.

I decided to splurge so I got an ICD-MX20 with transcribing software in hopes that I can take the fast tract to literary poignancy…. Yeah I hadn’t thought about two problems.

The one that most people guess when it comes to transcribing software can be summed up in the following: “Google milks the goat of if not real time date in obesity in half hour hour a day he tops.” I REALLY wish I knew what I said to make the software type this out cause you really can’t make stuff like that up. So the software has a few bugs, no big deal really I am sure if I work with it longer it will eventually work out the second problem is something quite extraordinary.

I talk to myself quite often. Its how I formulate my articles and how I go about general inquiry into Web Hosting. This article in fact was discussed with myself over making some coffee and a bowl of raisin bran. So you would think simple turning a record on and copying what I say would be second nature, but its not. As soon as I turn this puppy on my mind goes blank. I noticed I say “um” and “uh” a ton. Listening to the recordings sounds like a babbling idiot. What was structured thought ends up coming out in a series of random pauses, stutterings, and a mad dash to remember dates, specific numbers, and etc. I almost want to say, “Behold the wreck that is my train of thought.”

Honestly, the files on this sucker right now is like a 7 hour long blooper reel. I may just send it off to Mitch and see if he can take out the best parts and use them for sound bites for his podcast.

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HostingCon 2009 is Coming

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For those of you who have been around the website hosting industry for at least the past few years, it is common knowledge that one of the industry’s most well-attended and prestigious conferences and trade shows is HostingCon. For those of you who are either newer to the industry, or who just haven’t had the opportunity to participate in HostingCon – this year’s event offers many reasons to consider attending.

I have personally participated as a speaker or panelist at every HostingCon event since its inception. I recall that last year’s panel on marketing featured none other that myself and another writer and industry marketing veteran from WebHostMagazine and WebHostBlog – Mr. David Dunlap.

A recent email notified me of my acceptance as a speaker at HostingCon 2009. Among the bits of information in the email sent from the HostingCon organizers was the fact that this year the group received over 120 speaker proposals. While the selection committee had difficulty narrowing the speaker field down, the remaining chosen speakers are noted to create an ”exceptional program with diverse and timely topics and actionable substance”.

But don’t take my admittedly biased opinion on HostingCon without some backup – here’s what a few other website hosting professionals had to say about HostingCon 2009.

Jeff Hardy, Vice President of Business Operations with SmarterTools, Inc. commented, ”SmarterTools has customers and technology partners in over one hundred countries. HostingCon is one of the few events that brings the industry together in a way that provides an opportunity to renew our network of industry professionals and meet new ones. Each year SmarterTools comes away from HostingCon with new ideas and perspectives that helps us drive to excellence in our host-friendly software and SaaS offerings.”

Daniel Foster is co-founder of UK web hosting firm and had these comments regarding HostingCon, ”We’re planning to attend HostingCon 2009 in Washington, D.C. to see what’s hot in the industry this year, what people are talking about and where their plans are taking them. We’re also looking forward to catching up with friends made at previous HostingCons and meeting new faces. There’s at least as much to be gained from the show floor and evening events as there is from the presentations given during the day.”

Takeshi Eto, V.P. Marketing and Business Development with ASP.NET hosting firm DiscountASP.NET adds, ”We attend every year because HostingCon is a great opportunity to network. Also, being a niched Windows hoster, we go to a lot of Microsoft events and it’s good to get exposure to what is going on with other areas of the hosting industry.”

Be sure to check out the full story at You can see the list of exhibitors, and soon you’ll have access to the complete list of speakers as well. I hope to see you in Washington, D.C. in August.

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The conclusion to my interview with Michael van Dijken and John Zanni, both from Microsoft.

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Part 2 of my interview of Michael van Dijken and John Zanni of Microsoft from Hostingcon 2008.

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At HostingCon 2008, I managed to sit down with many movers and shakers of the industry. My interviews are more conversations between professionals and as such can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. Due to this, I have split the interviews into numerous parts. The following is my interview with Microsoft representatives Michael van Dijken and John Zanni and is the first part of three. And don’t worry if it seems a bit dull to start with, it begins to pick up later in the conversation. 8-D

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