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It might not come as a surprise that many of the world’s top CEOs still are not onboard with the whole social networking thing. What is most interesting though is the percentage of CEOs who don’t care. 2 CEOs from Fortune magazine’s top 100 companies have Twitter accounts. 2! Only 19 have Facebook accounts and NONE have a personal blog. Pretty astounding figures really.

So why haven’t they started using social networking and why should they?

Well the obvious answer to the first part of this question is that they don’t see a need to. Business as usual is working just fine so why “waste” time on something that may or may not work or may not give a proper ROI for their energies?

The not so obvious answer would be how would you go about doing twitter or facebook? This is quite a serious question. Do you have multiple twitter accounts for business partners, customers, staff? What can you talk about, what can’t you talk about? If you make a channel that is exclusive how do you dictate who is allowed in or not? How can you make it compliant with various regulations, security and legal protocols?

I have often read articles where authors say, these guys need to catch up with the times, and CEOs who don’t use social networking are behind the times, but most authors fail to see how much effort, time, and even money would go into social networking when it comes to businesses of that scale. The bulk of CEOs who do use social networking are tech companies, startups, and SMBs. Startup companies can put social networking into their business culture instead of trying to fit it in. SMBs don’t have a bulky company policy to get in the way. And tech companies, well we are the industry that created this stuff, we better damn well be using it.

Should CEOs use social networks? I say yes, but with addendums. But that is an article for another time.

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FaceBook Quizzes

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The other day I was marveling at the number of FaceBook quizzes. You know the kind I am talking about, personality tests, what items would you have if zombies attack, which Doctor Who character are you, etc. Some of the quizzes spread like wildfire from one person to the next.

To see how fast things could move, I ran an experiment. Using my personal FaceBook account (the one for family and friends) I picked three topics for quizzes to look for to see how many far they would propagate. I have several friends who are microbiologists or are going to school for microbiology, so for the first quiz I choose “What virus would you be?” Without sending this quiz to others, it had been filled out by 67 people, possibly more, still waiting on my friend network to report how many of their friends’ friends have used it. 67 people in twenty minutes. The quiz itself is not a recent one, it has been around for several months.

The next quiz was something more generic, but also one of those things that is good for nerdy laughs. What Periodic Element are you? Coincidentally I was Gold ( lol ). This one didn’t spread as far as the other one, but not bad considering I know pretty much no one who has any sort of chemist inclinations. 44 people in an hour. Again this quiz was written a few months ago.

The very last one is something near and dear to me heart: “Which Liquor are you?” This one spread like wildfire. Several hundred people picked this one up and ran with it. After the first half day worth (about 10 hours), I stopped keeping track.

Two things I found wrong with these quizzes, one thing I found right. First off, people love quizzes. I like stupid trivia, they enjoy answering funny questions with equally funny answers, and they enjoy getting funny little results. Good quizzes will gather good traffic and great quizzes, well you can see my meaning.

The two problems with quizzes is a) most of them have no thought put into them and b) people don’t capitalize on them as much as they should.

A good quiz can take several days to put together, mainly because you want to give the audience as many different results as possible and you want the questions and answers to be as funny (or thought provoking depending on what you are doing) as possible. If you are trying to monetize the quiz the amount of thought that is put into becomes even greater. Now you have to pick the approach as to how you will make money off of it, how to integrate that, and how to make the quiz coincide with what you want to sell.

Some industries are far easier than others when it comes to putting out great quizzes and being able to profit off of them. In this instance profit can be multiple things. It can be making money or it can be producing traffic or increasing your page rank, whatever. For instance the game industry is perfect for quizzes. Role playing especially, you could make a quiz such as what class or alignment or race are you and then at the end tell them to “join the fight” or whatever.

Web hosting quizzes can be done, though most would probably be more serious with a splash of humor, such as how secure is your site?

Hopefully I have given you a few more ideas to punch around. I hope the general moral of this blog has not gone unnoticed. On a broad scale, you can use any tool, any area of human interaction to garner opportunities. On a smaller and semi more selfish scale (at least this is to help me out), put some attention into these stupid quizzes, I want to be entertained not bored to death. 8-D

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A new study has come out on the popularity of social networks. Not surprisingly, social network users are becoming more prevalent. The study found that 35% of all Internet users use social networks and the bulk of those users have multiple social networking accounts.

All though the main reason people use social networks is still to keep in touch with friends (89% consider it one of the main priorities of use), business usage is increasing. In fact, the majority of social network users have multiple profiles to separate work from their personal lives and work contacts from personal contacts.

Also not surprising, younger adults have a higher percentage of use. 75% of 18-24 year olds and 57% of 25-34 year olds have at least one profile.  30%, 19%, 10%, and 7% of 35 – 44, 45 – 54, 55 – 64, and 65 years old an older have a social network profile respectively. Women and men have an equal chance of use

MySpace is still quite popular with 50% of all social network users having a profile. 22% use Facebook. 6% use LinkedIn, and only 1% have accounts with Youtube and

The study found that privacy rated the highest amongst older users who preferred to keep their profiles private.

Social Network use was 8% in February of 2005 and has been steadily rising. The largest jump in use was between May and August of 2008 where usage saw a 15% increase.

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How to Reinvent Your Online Wheel

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Interesting to note that this time of season seems to be filled with web sites where the powers that be have decided its a great time for a redesign. Unfortunately, it also seems to be a time where the users are screaming bloody murder and protesting the companies to change everything back the way it was.

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