Suspend Your Expert-ise


I was once told by a very wise and eloquent man and mentor that pride gets in the way of learning and that the first thing you must do to learn is to humble yourself. Those who believe they know it all will learn nothing from others, since they all ready know it all. However, those who are humble are willing to assume that they don’t know everything and will listen to what others have to say.

One of the problems of being an expert is that we believe we know more about certain topics than others and in so doing close the doors of learning. As many know I went back to finish my degree. Not necessarily because I needed to, but because I wanted to prove what I know and that is that I could. I graduated a week ago with highest honors (yes a little self plug there) and in looking back I wasn’t always kind to my fellow classmates. By doing so I closed off many opportunities for learning.

Expert status is fun. I enjoy fielding questions, be it from email or face-to-face. I enjoy being on the ground floor of a lot of today’s innovations. But if there is one thing I learned from going back to school it would be that you can learn something from anyone, be it a new technique or just patience.

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