Servers Seized by FBI Without Producing Evidence or Probable Cause


According to a New York Times article, the FBI seized several servers yesterday. Though they were only interested in one particular client of DigitalOne (a Switzerland company hosting servers in Reston, Virginia) they took three enclosures taking several sites offline and also causing major distress on the network as a whole.

In fact the computers were seized so violently that DigitalOne couldn’t even restart their own servers to provide support for those affected. Spokes persons for the various companies hosted at the data center said it was unclear what the FBI was looking for or why.

DigitalOne fully cooperated with the FBI pinpointing the servers in question. Instead of taking only the supposed criminal servers however, the FBI opted to take the whole enclosure.

What disturbs me is not necessarily the FBI’s actions. Well ok it does disturb me, but honestly I have grown to expect it. True, I am outraged hence this blog, but not surprised. What really got me is the comments to the article. I am amazed by the level of justification, the illogical arguments for it, and the general apathy.

The argument, “if you are against it then you are probably breaking the law as well,” never sat right with me. Mainly because its a logical fallacy. It would be the equivalent of saying if you choose apples over oranges than you are obviously an apple yourself. There is a breakdown of connection between the facts and the conclusion that shows an irrational mind. Likewise the arguments,  “if it removes one more spammer I am all for it.”

Yeah? Really? What if we nuked your house to kill a pickpocket would you be for that as well? I think people forget that the FBI is a servant of the people, not a thug. The FBI is there to investigate wrong doing and remove that perpetrator and not by any means necessary. I hate red tape, but the red tape is there to protect the innocent.

Something the FBI failed to do yesterday when they destroyed a ton of virtual real estate to take down one criminal.

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