SaaS becoming an idea for the future or a solution NOW?


SaaS in it’s inception, wasn’t extremely popular. Due to different problem area’s such as who is going to document manuals on the different products, in the past it wasn’t scalable to multiple systems, then there was the question of customer support regarding a product. “What if we have problems who will fix it?”, For example. While the technology for being able to add products to hosting on the fly just with a touch of a button is an extremely alluring idea, it hasn’t become a driving force yet in the Web Hosting Industry.

Lately though we have seen many bigger companies adopt this model, Verio comes to mind with their business products. To companies that specialize in that technology, like Jamcraker. Now there appears to be a company stepping up their game, NOW Solutions LLC. NOW has been providing Human Resources and Payroll management software since 2001. Earlier if you include the fact that the company founders was once a part of ROSS Systems. What NOW is doing is teaming up with Verizon Business to deliver their SaaS solution emPath.

This makes me wonder if companies such as NOW would ever consider a solution such as Jamcraker, Jamcraker provides a SaaS market place so to speak, or if the SaaS products will still be controlled by the solution provider. Or even if companies such as Verizon Business will ever get into the mix by creating their own SaaS market place with their business partners instead of just hold and securing the data? Just between you and me I do hope that SaaS products become more popular, if it does then everyone benefits from the Web Host to the customer, or even reseller. Of course, this could also mean that in the future, buying software maybe more like choosing an SaaS solution from your computer.

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