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In January 2009, there were more than 13.5 billion search engine searches in the United States alone. Web sites who want to tap into this incredible amount of traffic must have a site that performs well on search engines. Getting quality search engine ranks for a Web site can take a lot of time and money and although many Web developers understand the importance of paying for quality when it comes to finding an SEO consultant, the money simply isn’t there.

The very real truth is that many small business owners who require search engine traffic do not have the funds available to secure an SEO/SEM service. Likewise, they do not have the time to learn how to do better in search engine rankings. What small business owners and Web developers need in general is a way of getting their site’s search engine rankings up without costing a lot or taking too much time, but be flexible enough so they can use any information garnered from the search engine side to aid in content and marketing.

The objective of RankSense is fairly clear, to perform the above task for Web developers. It does this by guiding them systematically through a process that will optimize the entire site. Briefly, RankSense analyzes what keywords are currently bringing users to the site; detect pages with errors, compiles competitors and their rankings on your targeted keywords, page optimizations, link structure analysis, and Web site analytics.

What RankSense is

Users navigate four task groups in order to complete the process. The computer handles most of this process with the user adding things such as site information, logfile location, and what sort of keywords the site should pursue. On RankSense’s homepage, the user can easily navigate to each task group and to the subtasks within those groups. The right side of the homepage also contains a quick look at Task Progress.

Each subtask is its own page where the user selects what is needed then presses the start button. When RankSense is finished, either it will ask for more input or the user will move unto the next page. This progresses until each subtask is finished. That is RankSense in a nutshell; easy to use, wizard style tasks, and it can be done within any amount of time frame. Essentially, it is the answer to the problem that small business owners face when it comes to search engine optimization.

I have been doing SEO and SEM for a few years now and although I am not a master at it, I would like to think I am very good. Considering this RankSense is not the type of software that I need. However, even though RankSense is for novices and Web developers who do not have the time to learn a new skill set, it does have a few features that I have found to be indispensible even for SEO experts.

One feature in particular that RankSense has that I am amazed at is its Competitive Intelligence subtask. This subtask looks at keywords you select and then finds the main competitors you have for those keywords. It then gives you information such as their traffic, popularity, authority, etc. This not only allows you to keep track of competitors, but you can use this tool to find sites that you can build possible link relationships. Prior to using RankSense, I did a lot of this process by hand. Sure I would use various tools from places that I have subscriptions to, but it still requires a lot of time on my part (especially when I am looking at 200-300 keyword placements).

Emails and Support

RankSense is automated software. However, after purchasing RankSense I was sent several emails that provided helpful information, tips, and places to go to in case I had problems. This I found to be quite refreshing. The emails were well written and they contained some good information with screenshots. One email I received was a letter of encouragement and this too was impressive. Form letter or no, this is the type of thing I wish more companies did. It adds a personal touch and shows that the software vendor is going the extra mile to make sure their customer is taken care of.

Overall, RankSense is a very good product. It fills in void in the marketplace for those who need to get started on tapping into the large amount of search engine traffic out there. It won’t replace an experienced SEO technician, but it can help increase your search engine rankings and it is easy to use. RankSense has the motto, “Quality Search Traffic for the Rest of Us!” and in my opinion, they live up to it.

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