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This past week I have been going through the latest group of reviews that the independent review panel have churned out. Many are quite good. Not too leave any spoilers, but AISO did exceptionally well in the Green Hosting category. But it led me to thinking about the current situation for the web host industry.

It reminds me of the cable TV industry actually. Now you too can be the proud owner of 10,000+ channels for your viewing pleasure. But come on, how much TV do we really watch? For myself, I watch very little. I have a handful of shows I watch when I can (normally I save them up for a weekend of melting my brain) and a few non-fictional shows that I find diverting. But in all, I imagine I watch shows from about 6 channels.

I dropped cable and dish network because of this. I can see all I want to see on Hulu and various online video sites. And I know I am not alone. Even my friends who enjoy letting their brains ooze out their ears from TV meltdown also spend more time on Hulu than they do on cable TV.

How many online users use the 10,000+ features a web host has? I would imagine they too are like TV watchers, they have a few features they require and won’t use any of the others. I suppose its comforting to know that you can add ColdFusion to your site, even though you are running pure PHP, but honestly, isn’t it like having the Golden Oldie Polka channel alongside your Food Network (or substitute for favorite channel)?

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