Privacy Groups, Yahoo, and Everything


So I have been reading up on the Yahoo three month search retention policy and the fact that privacy groups are unimpressed and believe Yahoo is not doing enough to ensure our privacy is safeguarded.

All I can say is, give me a break. If we were truly concerned about our privacy we wouldn’t be dumping our lives on MySpace and Facebook; talking about our likes and dislikes on blogs and places like LiveJournal; moving from one site to the next without using an anonymous IP address; buying goods on the Internet; and while we are at it, if we truly wanted privacy we wouldn’t be on the Internet period.

As web site analytics becomes more advanced we are going to see even more problems with privacy.

So a search engine saves my searches, there are worse privacy infractions going everyday. Heck will the fact that Yahoo changes the search engine data after ninety days (I would suggest that they remove the IP address, seems logical, but people rarely are) cause me to embrace Yahoo has my new found search engine savior? Highly doubtful.

Call me a cynic, but I would like to open up the news and see, at least once, an article on a privacy group that has designed a way (software, hardware, a list of best practices, something) for people to remain private, if they want to be.

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