I was going through a few marketing studies the other day and can’t help but feel shocked, maybe awed… honestly not sure what I feel.

One study, that was conducted by Adometry (might know them as Click Forensics… not really sure why they changed their name), disclosed that marketers complained quite a bit about the tools at their disposal. And that “lack” of proper tools keeps companies from advertising….

Are you serious? I would be pleased as punch (if punch could be pleased) if marketers nowadays understood the basics of online marketing and would be even more happy if they used A/B testing or at the minimum refreshed their ads.

I can’t help the feeling that tools are just another scapegoat. It reminds me of an out-of-shape guy who decides he is going to start working out and take care of himself. Does he start with the basics like eat healthy and do some standard non-assisted exercises like I don’t know walk/jog or push-ups or some such? Does he build habits through repetition? No, he finds a really expensive home workout machine, puts it together, and allows it to gather dust in the corner of the garage.

Personally, I enjoy the number crunching side of marketing. The only tool I use extensively is a spreadsheet. I have my templates with my own set of metrics ready to go. For myself, being close to the data and spending the extra time with the numbers gives me a chance to reflect on how I can take this data and make it useful in a business sense.

If you absolutely need a tool to aid you on your marketing struggle, make it yourself. And when you update it with cool improvements, white label the old one and sell it.

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The titles suck.

That actually makes me feel much better. Thank you. Now, off you go!

Oooo I see you want an explanation. Well, why not. I think by now we know that there is simply way too much information on the Internet. Type in any topic into Google or Bing and you are bound to get thousands of possible sources. In many cases millions.

People don’t have time to read through all of these. So they have to skim, a skill invented the day the first newspaper was printed. What is the deciding factor between all of these items and which one ends up being read? The title.

Would you read an article titled:

Housewife Cooks Fish for Family Dinner


Knife Wielding Female Carves Ichthyoid Victim Up for Supper, Grisly Display is Nightly Ritual

Titles are big things. Treat them accordingly.

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Traveling Observations

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Not too long ago I visited Houston, Texas to say hi to the people of cPanel. That will make excellent reading btw. However, I am going to tell the tale of the misadventures leading up to that point.

You can say it all started at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, Ca. I was flying with a female companion and she didn’t have enough space in her luggage for everything so I put some of her stuff into my bag. This includes a curling iron, a bra, shoes, and a few incidentals. We headed to the ticket kiosk and proceeded to get our tickets.

Her’s printed out and I handed them over; then the machine spat mine out. The name on my tickets?  Dunlap, David Mrs. If you could mix a deer caught in the headlights with tripping off the stage at your graduation you would probably match my expression. After a few minutes of collecting my thoughts I just had to laugh. Whatever, who reads the name part of these things anyway. Onward to the security checkpoint!

Wait… security checkpoint. You know waiting in line, at security, with a ticket that has swapped your gender, can actually be fairly stressful. The security guard looked at me incredulously; I smile back, almost begging him to ask. He looks back down at his podium and waves me threw. Now at this time I am told to move to the far conveyor belt on the left and my companion had to go to the one on right. So we are now separated.

I take out all of my stuff, shoes, laptop, mini book, liquids, etc. Start moving the bins down the line and into the hopper. I proceed through the metal detector and end on the other side waiting for my stuff. ALARMS go off! OOOO I wonder who is in trouble…

Apparently I didn’t pull out all of my liquids; my case gets pulled to the side. The TSA agent, an older gentleman, probably in his early 60’s, looks at my ticket. Looks back at the ticket, then back to me. Gives me a suspicious look, and then places the bag in question firmly between us. He asks if we will find anything horrible in there, guns, bombs, machetes, tapes of the Bay City Rollers, etc. I say no. He asks again because he says he doesn’t want to be surprised, shocked, or disturbed. I said open away.

The bra, as if pulled by a slingshot flies out of the bag, the flat pumps fall out and the curling iron, in its innocent bag, looks suspiciously like something else. He looks at the stuff, his eyes wide in shock and surprise, and then looks at me, then at my ticket. He spots my hygiene kit and pulls it out stuttering at the fact that this bag probably contains the liquids in question and he goes about closing the bag, hopefully never to see it or me again.

Upon finding liquids in the travel bag my bag was slid through the scanner again then handed back to me as if it was contagious.

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CMS Usage Around the Web

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Here is something interesting I saw the other day. The people (or perhaps computers) down at Builtwith.com compiled a massive who uses what as far as CMS systems go. Now I knew that a lot of websites use WordPress. What I didn’t know is how large the WordPress population really is and how many of the top sites (in this case the top 10,000) on the Internet use WordPress.

I should mention that I don’t want you to think that this is some huge startling revelation that will blow your mind whole. Sadly, its not huge, but it is still interesting when you think about all the different ways you can create a web site and the fact that most sites, especially the most visited, are probably custom. That being said let’s look at the numbers.

There are more than 4 million websites that run WordPress. The second most popular CMS is Joomla with over 1.4 million sites. On a sidenote, between PHP Nuke and DotNetNuke, DotNetNuke seems to have won hands down. PHP Nuke only accounts for 10,977 total websites and only 159 websites in the top million most visited sites (all according to Builtwith.com).  DotNetNuke on the otherhand runs on 112,376 total websites and has 4,225 websites in the top million (also according to Builtwith.com). Kinda sad really. I remember when PHP Nuke was everywhere… seems like a lost piece of vintage Internet. And back to WordPress.

The usage of WordPress has been increasing steadily over the past year and currently accounts for 77,185 websites in the top million. Of the CMS population, WP accounts for over 62%. In the top 10k, WP is used by 4.62% (462 sites if you don’t feel like doing the math) of all websites. Amongst CMS sites, every 1 in 2 CMS sites in the top 10k is run by WP. None too shabby.

Now the good bit. Though Joomla is in second place, used by 1.4 million sites in total (making it 2nd place for overall CMS usage), it is only used by 49 sites in the top 10k and in fact is the 4th most popular CMS behind Drupal and vBulletin. Food for thought… well semi-shallow thoughts that like to splash around on the pool steps instead of diving it, but then again it is a Thursday morning….

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Today is World IPv6 Day

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Well today is the day to test out the IPv6 network. And I have found a number of tools to help out in that department so lets get started.

First we will start with your browser, be it at home or at work: Test Your Browser
Run the test and see how you fair. This is a fairly quick test all it does is test your IPv4 DNS and your IPv6 DNS; tests with a Dual Stack DNS (IPv4 and IPv6 together), IPv4 without DNS, IPv6 without DNS, and tests if your DNS server uses IPv6.

I had a 10 out of 10 for IPv4 stability when publishers offer both IPv4 and IPv6 but failed miserably when its IPv6 only. Which is basically on par with what is expected. I imagine few out there will see a 10 out of 10 on the IPv6.

If you want something even simpler go to OMG! World IPv6 Day Tester! Green check means go, red means bad lol.

Now the fun stuff.

Dashboards for Great Justice

Ok so that one is a little worn out, but I figured why not. So Dashboards to track the activity:

World IPv6 Day official Dashboard: Honestly I think this one is a tad boring. And, for me, takes too much time to get adjusted to (if it takes more than 5 seconds of my time, well there are other dashboards).

DNS MTU Discovery Problem Dashboard: This one is fairly thorough and has a lot of pretty colors as well as the DNS information for participants.

RIPE Network Coordination Center Dashboard: This was my favorite and the one I will use through out the day to monitor the activity. Mainly cause it has graphs and maps and cool colors

RIPE Quick Connectivity Chart: Quick Connectivity Chart, basically this sucker is IPv6 Network lite. Almost unlike the flavor of the original but less filling. Actually this one isn’t too bad really, very quick means of seeing the lay of the land.

Akamai IPv6 Statistics: I have to say this one is sexy. I like the colors, the graph the information given, all around a good one if you want to show off to co-workers, friends, and family.

That’s pretty much it so far. Things are looking pretty decent. I am going to continue monitoring things and will post more if anything major happens.

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