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UK based Internet services company Netcraft has named its most reliable website hosting companies for the month of May. Netcraft uses a series of monitoring servers from separate points around the Internet to log performance measurements made at fifteen minute intervals for a broad list of web hosting providers. The averages are calculated over the immediately preceding 24 hour period and then aggregated for the entire month. Detailed information on uptime and reliability for the web hosts are logged and displayed at the Netcraft site.

While the methodology has a number of limitations, the Netcraft results generally do yield factual data on outages and uptime.

For the month of May the following companies were determined to be the most reliable web hosts according to Netcraft.

New York Internet

pair Networks




Virtual Internet

Server Intellect


Kattare Internet Services


The Netcraft uptime data is collected from specific data center locations: London/DXI Networks, New York/New York Internet, Pennsylvania/INetU-2, Virginia/Rackspace, San Jose/Datapipe, Phoenix/GoDaddy and Italy/Aruba. The companies that maintain a collection point have an advantage over the other companies, as each of them have a collector in their own datacenter. Also companies located in the U.S. have an advantage over companies in the rest of the world as more of the collectors are located there, and companies in the Far East are at a disadvantage as we do not currently have a performance collector in the region.

The most reliable UK hosting provider according to Netcraft is UK website hosting company 34SP.com. The company is also a new-comer to the list having only recently been added.

To view the complete information on the Netcraft data please visit, http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2009/06/02/most_reliable_hosting_company_sites_in_may_2009.html.

The uptime data that is being collected in real-time can be viewed here: http://uptime.netcraft.com/perf/reports/Hosters.

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