Marketing Use to Be Fueled By Go-Getters


I was going through a few marketing studies the other day and can’t help but feel shocked, maybe awed… honestly not sure what I feel.

One study, that was conducted by Adometry (might know them as Click Forensics… not really sure why they changed their name), disclosed that marketers complained quite a bit about the tools at their disposal. And that “lack” of proper tools keeps companies from advertising….

Are you serious? I would be pleased as punch (if punch could be pleased) if marketers nowadays understood the basics of online marketing and would be even more happy if they used A/B testing or at the minimum refreshed their ads.

I can’t help the feeling that tools are just another scapegoat. It reminds me of an out-of-shape guy who decides he is going to start working out and take care of himself. Does he start with the basics like eat healthy and do some standard non-assisted exercises like I don’t know walk/jog or push-ups or some such? Does he build habits through repetition? No, he finds a really expensive home workout machine, puts it together, and allows it to gather dust in the corner of the garage.

Personally, I enjoy the number crunching side of marketing. The only tool I use extensively is a spreadsheet. I have my templates with my own set of metrics ready to go. For myself, being close to the data and spending the extra time with the numbers gives me a chance to reflect on how I can take this data and make it useful in a business sense.

If you absolutely need a tool to aid you on your marketing struggle, make it yourself. And when you update it with cool improvements, white label the old one and sell it.

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