Free Web Hosting Perfected?


Budget hosting or free? This is an age old question. I have seen successful movement upmarket in this dilemma (UK hosting firm discontinued free hosting products and even created a higher resource, higher priced product) and now I am seeing a return to the free hosting model from LimeLabs. Until now the idea of paid versus free hosting was a simple decision between a product that could deliver what most small to medium sized businesses needed (paid) or do without many features or resources (free). The announcement today of a new free hosting product from Lime Labs may change that perception for a number of webmasters.

In the past a free web hosting product meant one of the following scenarios:

You get free web hosting, BUT you have to display ads on your website to defray the costs.

You get free web hosting, BUT the resources allocated are so miniscule that you will invariably run out as soon as you start.

You get free web hosting, BUT you won’t get any technical support whatsoever.

You get free web hosting, BUT you can’t actually load or run the CMS you truly want (probably because its too resource intensive).

The switch on this model is that LimeLabs has launched a new service called LimeDomains. Mark Gorton, Founder of LimeLabs explained how this dovetails into free hosting, ”LimeDomains offers free hosting and free application installation, and we are finding that many people appreciate the great value we are offering.”

So what you might not be aware of just yet is that all LimeDomains accounts come with access to an extensive catalog of open source web applications ranging from popular blogs such as WordPress, to full-featured content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla.   Users can also upload their own files or transfer their existing websites – such as their Geocities pages – to LimeDomains via a built-in file manager, or any popular FTP client.   Most popular web design applications, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, are also supported.

Unlike other free hosting services, there are no strings attached to the free hosting offer on LimeDomains. Users do not have to sign-up for any third party services, or submit themselves to a barrage of solicitations (e-mail, or otherwise), or place mandatory ads on their website. Most importantly, the free accounts are not crippled in any way – and receive the same quality of service, performance and reliability that most other hosting services charge a premium for.

So basically, you get a free web hosting account that seems exactly like a paid account in terms of resources, support and privacy (no third party paid ads on the site).

Although I’ve not tried the service personally, it sounds like a true breakthrough in free web hosting. I suppose the marketplace will be the ultimate determinant of the validity of this (sort of) new hosting model.

To check out the new free hosting account and specifications from LimeDomains please visit:

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