Cloud and IBM/Cisco's Extensive Manifesto


A declaration of principles and intentions is the definition of a manifesto and the Open Cloud Manifesto was definitely following that definition to a T.

What I find funny is the Open Cloud Manifesto was not really open. It didn’t really start open and its not really open to the major cloud players at the moment either. Instead it basically says open platform or else, which hasn’t really made folks like Amazon or Microsoft want to join in.

Its not a bad document it has a lot of areas where I think everyone can agree, but IBM is no slouch when it comes to this sort of thing and the message is definitely hand crafted for ultimate affect. And as I read it over and over again I can only conclude that that message was meant as a slap to those already in the cloud computing space.

Maybe I am wrong in thinking this but this seems more to me like posturing then actually trying to devise something for the cloud space.

There are already several companies who have penetrated the cloud market and with a few exceptions, the big ones are missing.

Although IBM says that this is only meant to start a discussion and a discourse I am wondering if it will. Surely companies thinking of starting cloud offerings and the smaller players will look into it, but will it actually foster change or just be one of many action groups that falls by the wayside?

The tenants of the manifesto are laudable but in the end, I think this will just fade away after many meetings and several action committees present various findings it will move to the background as other companies present their own cloud solutions.

And then the cycle will start again.

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