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Superb Adds Westmere with Intro Offer

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Superb Internet, a venerated web host providing dedicated server hosting as well as hosting in the virtual community, announces the availability of Westmere server configurations, the latest addition to its extensive line of standard and custom servers.

Newly introduced this year, the Westmere Hexa-Core processor makes top-level performance and faster system communication accessibly-priced for the general market. “The new Westmere-based servers provide increased performance and energy efficiency within a hosting infrastructure,” explains Will Song, Senior Product Manager, “But what makes this development so exciting is that Hexa-Core processors, which had previously been cost-prohibitive for many small-to-medium-sized businesses, are now affordable.”

Other features of the Westmere series include: higher data capacity on each chip, integrated graphics processors (which results in better graphics and processing functionality with less energy expenditure), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), for faster data encryption and decryption.

Super Internet will offer an introductory promotion with the release of this new product—customers will get a free memory upgrade to 6GB of DDR3 RAM with the purchase of a Westmere Hexa-core server.

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Google TV is Coming Soon!

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Google is currently putting the finishing touches on Google TV, its android-based software that is set to be unveiled at next month’s Google I/O conference.

The Wall Street Journal’s Jessica E. Vascellaro and Don Clark said “Google is currently planning on sharing some details about the technology with more than 3,000 developers expected to attend its Google I/O conference in San Francisco May 19 and 20.”

And this software has got quite a bit of other big companies very excited. Sony and Intel have already been working with Google on this new software, but now Samsung and Logitech are keen to jump on board too.

Google is apparently keen to iron out all the creases of the final product and launch at the I/O conference, so that the 3000+ developers that are expected at the conference, can help them build applications for the platform.

Google TV is designed to bring Internet-style content, including web search, applications and video entertainment to your living room. The next step would be for the Google TV software to be embedded in the new generation of internet-ready TVs, game consoles, set-top boxes, and Blu-ray players.

Writer’s Bio: Derek Morris is Senior Editor of, source for the latest graphic design, web design, web hosting, and technology news and articles.

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Sources have recently announced that Hewlett-Packard has killed off Slate, the much anticipated Windows 7 tablet computer.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer first reveiled the new tablet in January at CES 2010. The product was expected to hit the market in the summer 2010. Now sources are saying that Hewlett-Packard is not happy with the Windows 7 operating system and has  recently killed the project.

Another thing to mention is that HP may be moving away from using Intel hardware for its tablets because of its high power consumption. This would also be reason for eliminating Windows 7 as an operating system.

It seems the only other option for HP’s operating system would be Google, but who knows?

Writer’s Bio: Derek Morris is Senior Editor of, source for the latest graphic design, web design, web hosting, and technology news and articles.
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iPad Knockoffs Have Arrived

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Since Apple has yet to make the iPads available overseas, its not surprising to find that Chinese knockoffs are already being produced.

We have learned that these new tablets are going for $410 and feature Windows OS along with three, count ’em, three USb ports. The device is being sold in its first rough version and looks almost identical to the iPad.

Yeah we know, nothing unexpected here. But if you can’t afford the real thing, you can always count on China to produce to the next best thing: a crappy knock off!

Writer’s Bio: Derek Morris is Senior Editor of, source for the latest graphic design, web design, web hosting, and technology news and articles.

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KEMP Shatters Load Balancer Cost Barriers

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When it comes to load balancers, KEMP Technologies has prided themselves on providing the lowest cost solution while still providing high-end quality. In fact, KEMP is still the only company that puts the functionality of a high end balancer into the lower price points. However, other companies have been lowering their prices, so even though they don’t provide as much, they are now getting their foot in the door on the budget load balancer market. With this increased pressure, KEMP decided the price gap needed to be widen.

To solve this, KEMP Technologies looked into lowering prices and then came up with a sales idea. It would involve their SMB targeting $2490 LoadMaster 2000. “In December of 2009, we wanted to offer it as a holiday special. We wanted to see what that would do to the demand of the technology; see if there were companies were $2,490 was a financial show stopper, considering most companies buy them in pairs…. we sold out 3 months worth of inventory in 2 weeks,” said Peter Melerud, Kemp Technologies VP of Biz Development.

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