Can it Go Viral?


Social marketing can be a very fickle fiend. When a company decides to advertise all it takes is a simple plan, build the message, select the medium, craft the pitch, then let it rip. But how do companies go about making something viral?

Viral messages are those messages that are so different, so amazing, or so funny that they get picked up by the population. An infection through casual contact, the viral message moves form person to person till tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people view the message.

So how does one make a common blender go viral? Well what can a blender do and what would make in interesting?

Blendtec had an answer. A blender blends, chops, dices, juices, etc. It takes stuff and breaks it into smaller stuff.

But blending the normal things Mr. Popeil would on some infomercial would not do. Watching raspberries getting turned into a fruit smoothie is not interesting. What is interesting is anything that is labeled don’t try this at home. The element of danger, but what to blend?

Howabout an iPhone, or a remote control… perhaps a Rubik’s Cube?

Blendtec decided to build an interesting Web site around the question, “Will it blend?”

Add some cheesy music and man who looks like engineer from the back room of some laboratory and you have the makings of a message that blows from one end of the world to the other.

You might ask how do I apply this to web hosting? Well that is for you to do. A viral message is the essence of creativity. The true definition of thinking outside of the box. They do not come simply because you want them to. Viral messages come because the message is deeply in-tuned with the audience (for instance a blog that puts down Windows and glorifies Linux is good linkbait for Digg) and is a must see.

The biggest question is once you have a viral message, how do you capitalize on it? But that is an answer for another time. Until then happy hosting!

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