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According to Net Applications, rivals Firefox and Safari continue to eat at Microsoft IE’s market share. Microsoft lost another 1.6% points in December giving Internet Explorer a total decline of 10.4% since December of 2007. Mozilla’s Firefox in contrast gained 4.5% in 2008 and Apple’s Safari ends the year with 7.93% of browser market share.

Researchers believe Internet Explorer is losing market shares based on the declining popularity of their older browser, IE6. Although IE7 also lost market share, it only lost six-tenths of a percentage point. IE8 will be unveiled soon as Microsoft states that it is “just around the corner.” Microsoft is betting that IE8 will halt the decrease in market share.

Google’s Chrome browser was off to a shaky start early in the fourth quarter of 2008 but has increased its revenue share to 1.04%. This represents a 20% gain from November.

Net Applications cites other reasons for Microsoft IE’s decline. Statistics show that holiday months such as November and December have been traditionally bad years for Internet Explorer as more Internet users use their home computers. Home and off-work computers (such as cyber-cafes) boast a higher percentage of non-Microsoft browsers, while corporate computers favor Internet Explorer. “The December holiday season strongly favored residential over business usage,” the company said on its Web site. “This in turn increases the relative usage share of Mac, Firefox, Safari and other products that have relatively high residential usage. All December usage statistics should be read in that context.”

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In an open letter to the public, Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, discussed his continued health problems, Macworld, and his duty as CEO.

Jobs cites a hormone imbalance for “robbing” him of proteins and thus causing him to lose weight. The drastic loss in weight has made many question if Jobs is still healthy enough to be the CEO of Apple. In his letter, Jobs stated that he “will be the first one to step up and tell our Board of Directors if I can no longer continue to fulfill my duties as Apple’s CEO.”

The open letter also discusses how he mishandled his health problems as far as the Macworld keynote speech. “Unfortunately, my decision to have Phil deliver the Macworld keynote set off another flurry of rumors about my health, with some even publishing stories of me on my deathbed,” said Jobs. Indeed, many news outlets have been discussing whether Jobs has cancer or if Apple will collapse if Jobs passes away. These rumors have fueled a reduction in the value of Apple’s stock since early last summer.

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33 Celebrity Twitter Accounts Hacked

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Several Twitter accounts have been hacked including Barack Obama, CNN’s Rick Sanchez, Britney Spears, and others. Hackers used these accounts to send fake messages. Twitter locked down the affected accounts and has since given control back to the original users.

“I am high on crack right now might not be coming into work today,” from Rick Sanchez’s name is an example of some of the tweets sent through hacked accounts.

The accounts were hacked through Twitter’s support tools. The hacker gained access and managed to reset accounts’ information. A post on the Twitter blog states, “These accounts were compromised by an individual who hacked into some of the tools our support team uses to help people do things like edit the e-mail address associated with their Twitter account when they can’t remember or get stuck.”

The company has since taken the support tools offline until they can adequately secured.

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SaaS in it’s inception, wasn’t extremely popular. Due to different problem area’s such as who is going to document manuals on the different products, in the past it wasn’t scalable to multiple systems, then there was the question of customer support regarding a product. “What if we have problems who will fix it?”, For example. While the technology for being able to add products to hosting on the fly just with a touch of a button is an extremely alluring idea, it hasn’t become a driving force yet in the Web Hosting Industry. Read More→

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Video Phone on a Cell

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Amazingly enough cingular wireless upcoming cell service will allow for video on a cell. With a partnership with Apple they hope to corner the market by being the only video cell phone on the market. From this Article. While this is an incredible idea, and Apply had this whole thing in the works for over 2 years keeping it a secret. Read More→

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