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So Long Joe, Web Hosting Will Miss You

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Joe Wishnoff is gone… Joe, a real friend to the industry, died on July 14th from a strange and rare disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). Check the link to learn more about IPF… we do not know what causes the disease, and we don?t know how to cure it.

Joe found out he had the disease after a nurse saw some tell-tale signs on the tips of his fingers that might be caused by the presence of a severe lung disease. So Joe got a check up and he learned he had IPF.
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The guys at SingleHop sent us a link to a short video that introduces their new server management system called LEAP. Its driven by AJAX and it is pretty unique. LEAP is a “webtop” (a GUI windows-like desktop environment embedded in your browser window) that gives you a nice easy way to manage your server, request support, and manage your account with SingleHop.

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cPanel: User Guide and Tutorial is an excellent book for anyone that wants to learn how to get every ounce of productivity, usefulness and power out of the popular, Unix Web Hosting based control panel. Beginning with the basics, Aric Pederson explains each cPanel function clearly and in good detail by combining easy to understand explanations with plenty of screen shots and illustrations. Read More→

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Leave Us The Hell Alone!

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I don’t gamble.

I want to make that clear right at the beginning of this rant of mine.

Actually, when I say that I don’t gamble I mean that outside of putting a quarter in a slot machine once or twice a year when I am passing through Reno, or playing penny ante poker with friends, or betting a hamburger and coke on a Rose Bowl game every so often, I never lay down a bet. Nothing substantial. Heck, I would guess that the most I ever lost was probably a small “fast food lunch” or two on friendly, “gentleman” bets. Of my friends over the years, I know only one or two of them, that like me, do not gamble.

But I have friends that are gamblers. Most of them would be ready to bet 20, 50, or a 100 or more dollars on ball games, or at a Black Jack table. And I have several friends from the PC industry that would regularly figure on betting upwards of $10,000 or more when we trekked to Las Vegas every year to stay a week at the big Fall COMDEX show. $10,000 seems to me to be a good tidy sum of money, especially when you consider that you may lose all of it in 6 or 7 days (or sooner!). But it was the kind of money that my friends were willing to lose for the lure of making more.

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Its a Match!

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A friend related the following story he read on the Web somewhere. I have no idea of its origin, but it is funny nevertheless:

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