10 Lessons from HostingCon 2008


Although there were actually quite a few lessons to be learned from this years HostingCon, I have managed to boil them down into the 10 most important ones or the 10 most important lessons for myself.

  • Up to 10,000 negative keywords allowed by Google Adwords (I thought it was around 3k personally).
  • Don’t drive in Chicago.
  • No matter the amount, saving on parking fees does not justify carrying your bags two miles.
  • Being prepared for an interview goes both ways, the interviewee needs to be just as prepared and just as focused as the interviewer.
  • Know the make and model number of any electronics you carry, you never know when it will be stolen or misplaced and you will have to explain what it looked like.
  • Giveaway items should not be an after thought nor should they be the main focus of a booth. They should compliment the booth’s presentation.
  • A panel discussion is far more interesting when all parties disagree.
  • If you want to find the ROI for a social networking campaign give that outlet specific messages such as a link to go to, or an invitation to a conference, or a contest, or a coupon. Just because one form of message was not answered does not mean you efforts have been in vain.
  • Digg can be extremely useful if you are creative enough.
  • After being in this industry for more than 10 years, I am finally seeing a large percentage (not yet a majority) who are actually taking this web host thing seriously.
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